Saturday, July 3, 2010

Blood drained tumor turmoil

Signs of the past
creeping behind me,
die the way you should.

The pain again!
How could you strike
at a moment of clarity,
leave my mind be.

Fragile fornication
mindfucking me up and
will not go away.

Should the high
mighty monster toss me
off to the world below,
Suck up my remains with
a straw, sure am tasty!!!

Or pour me into a drink,
shaken, not stirred.
Why do I do it,
who knows nothing better
than me and my buddy.

Steel, cold carbon
camphor oil all in
my cocaine blue
my brains out of sight.

So, there you go
and get a copy of
the blood stained
surgical implement
this reformed man.

Blasphemy is my business, and business is festering

Oh ungodly priest, burned flesh scarred catastrophe. Preach false sermons until ears
bleed black substance onto my driveway. Enough, let me lament and plunge cold steel into my brain pudding, tastes so good!!!!! Do not tell me I am evil, release cryptic letters to your God falling on deformed ears. Leap off the church, transformation plagued regurgitation mindfuck masturbation death by all means. The crow flys off into dusk.