Monday, February 28, 2011

Haiku for the March Challenge-Camping

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Out to tame nature
Wonders hide behind the dark
The children watch you

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Today's Haiku for the Haiku Challenge-Image 14

Tracks explore the ground
Faces, places, new are found
Journey long, but sound

Photo from few Miles for the Haiku challenge!! What a wonderful journey it has been!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

One day soon

Behold the union of one.
Sun carress caught
On splinttered anxiety.

The years go by, as
If shooting stars grace
The dark canvas up high.

Both reach to catch,
Fire burning misfits,
Hidden inside.

Children at play no
More, the empty glass
Is filled to eruption.

And all is left, construction.

Today's Haiku for the Haiku Challenge-Eternal

Destroy what feeds you
Mind and body nourishment
Recycle the I

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Darling, do not rush

Long the road ahead
And almost feeling dead,
The vitality within

And hear the sound,
For all around are
Then, you will mend.

Watch your feet,
And go to sleep.
Later now, time to keep.

Autumn blooms,
Not so soon for you,
But I within the trend.

Haiku for Haiku for haiku.............

Seventeen the link
Retrieve the moment in time
Create the Spirit

Friday, February 25, 2011

Today's Haiku for the Haiku Challenge-Image 13

And the one became
as the Earth children should be
Together, freedom

Photo from Few Miles for the Haiku Challenge

Today's Haiku for the Haiku Challenge-Haze

Held back by the wall
The words fight the fury strong
Behold, haiku born

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hahahahahahaha, satifaction extraction warms filth distraction

Walk this way for torture fame. The ripping of flesh, reminds me of school days, mistakes then tear the page. Juice flows far and wide, and to glide on pain satisfies the grain. Toss out the used bag and gag on the maggot pie, why? For to cry is my game, watching the same from eyes torn assunder. For under grave homes, lies the garage of shame, cloth for the insane Gein, rotton of the brain.

My 100th post (well the last one was,lol)

My last post was my 100th! Wow, never thought I would ever write this much! Thanks to all my new poetry friends for inspiration and kind words! Especially have to thank SIS and the Haiku Challenge for getting me hooked on Haiku! Poetry is the shiznit! Keep on writing!


To walk the road,
Stretching far beyond
The known.

Such sights,
Passing on
The ride.

Random faces,
Random places,
Never to die
While the mind moves.

Magnificent movie
On the screen till,
Its time for rest.

Today's Haiku for the Haiku Challenge-Image 12

Lead pours out wonder
As words, rest upon the page
Quench thirst for the brain

Photo from Few Miles for Haiku challenge!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Today's Haiku for the Haiku Challenge-Scintillate

My brothers so bright
How well you twinkle for me
One day we shall join

Photo from

Desert dear desert

The mystery that surrounds you,
Every moment that was
Entered in my mind.

Wonders within you,
Such differance than
All I knew.

Familiar faces walk you,
Have I not seen these
Creatures before?

Bright explosion fictional you,
The tall giants set camp,
Grabbing at the ants below.

Lost without you.
Trying to find the
Reason to forget.

Today has changed, future waits.

The Night

The night yields lost faces wandering to places unknown.
The night reads worn out streets, tred upon for days.
The night laughs at monsters terrorizing the complacent on busy minds.
The night holds high the relations gone by.
The night, it scares children dreaming of creatures under the bed.
The night covers the homeless underneath their heads.
The night dances with crazy abandon, the drunk clowns across pavement.
The night sleeps as the day takes over, revealing the reality that renews.
Good night night!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Today's Haiku for the Haiku Challenge-Image 11

Steps lead to nowhere
To find, seek here beneath you
Oneness with the Earth

Photo from Few Miles for the Haiku Challenge

The Fort (Written May, 21st, 1997)

Here is an old one from my collection that I found, enjoy!!

I'm in my car again at the Fort. Time for a little relaxation. This time the wrapper is green. People around me have the same idea. The passing of cars causes me to look up. The same people over and over again. Each car is different, but those inside never change. Yet, I resemble that remark many times, even though my attitude is different. The pigs are sneaking up on us all the time. Sometimes they hassle everyone, but not always. Wait till its hot!! Forget it! Oh well, back to work.

Just some verse as I ride the slumber train!

Intice the next step in our dance, wild, wonderlustful thoughts climb on backs. As the monkey does, the crack in the wound flows foul constraint, and kills. Taste is proficient for mindful monarchs past prime meat-filled construction. Blaze often the green grows, towards sky stalk prose, and shows treasure capes covering the light. Milky white, the flesh rots alibaster arachnids contemplating web warrior class disfunction, reduction from the heights of the underground.

Today's Haiku for the Haiku Challenge-Bliss

On shoulder I weep
Heavy the heart on this day
With you bliss will come

Sunday, February 20, 2011

My love, my light

Breeze the mellow slight,
Across surface indented tight.
Flesh falls the never.

Behind hearts unite,
The follow of time

And together share
Heavens endevour,
Below the satellite.

Clear from never.

Mother weeps

Mother, sweet creator
have your children done well?

Fire flame destruction fall,
transform into Hell!

Erase existance, less
for bosom fill.

Blood shed ocean,
beware of the spill!

Slowly, retreat now,
unity broken.

Cry, our mother!
Death has spoken.

Written for Writer's Island!!

Ramblings of a lunatic on a Sunday Morning

Fear floats high on surface pane
Rain washes lust onto cocaine flames
Forever claim the heavens burst down
The sight seems worth the frown

Bring crowds and skate the edge
As knives slice thin all through the edge
Pronounce words on tongue that are hot
My brain has began to form a clot

Time to rot!

Haiku for the Haiku Challenge-Image10

Captured color trap
Nourish the wanderer full
Winter brings the end

Picture from Few Miles for the Haiku Challenge

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Oneness, Together, Apart

The whale gives
for eyes brief.

And shares
of mind upon yours.

Remember vast ago
the radiance
flow of oneness.

Among the primordial
Ladle in hand to pour existence,

Rebirth on rock well
past resistance.


Today's Haiku for the Haiku Challenge-Debris

Here on debris sound
The cries of agony past
Raise a glass to them

Friday, February 18, 2011

Ahhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhh, blahhhhhhh!

This craziness in Egypt, Libya, and other areas in middle east may just lead to more and more mass slaughter of humans! Seems like the end of days is slowly upon us! If things do not get better in this country, I can see this happening. Rape doctrines being changed, unemployment still high, constant violence (not a new thiing), less funding to planned parenthood and daycare, school clousures, layoffs, politicians overspending for personal gain,etc. Seems like, as Dave Chapelle would say, "Government is fucking up!" The blackness desends on the world slowly and furiously! No wonder extra terrestrials will not show themselves, we are not worthy of help! Such a destructive, fatalistic group us humans are! Maybe a reboot is in order!

Seeking the factors of the subconscious (Poets Rally Week 38)

Cusp, on edge of fantasy.
Cowers low upon the synapse.
The tunnel vision blinds fantastic,
yet the picture reveals itself.

Running across the mind track,
forgetting nothing inside a mystery.
Profound and lost eternity sound,
quieted under the image found.

When attracting space perverted,
kill the past for future willfulness.
Explosive, the natural being
hits hard through the glass of darkness.

It has come for presentation,
loud and extravagant touching
the outer world.

The truth has given clarity.

Written for the Poets Rally Week 38!!

Today's Haiku for the Haiku Challenge-Image 9

The dreams of one man
Cast on the sea, love mistress
Left, the empty shell

Image9 from Few Miles for Haiku Challenge

Thursday, February 17, 2011

February’s Art Competition – Theme “Animals”

February’s Art Compietition – Theme “Animals”

Today's haiku #2

Rock, sprung into life
Full force across the distance
Land, for journey ends
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Death be Proud

On these streets of concrete
Blood flows between the cracks
Equal sides of familiar faces
Death be proud

In war torn villages found
Ancient civilizations past
The eradication of differance
Death be proud

For power created strong
Leave the weak on the glass
Fodder for upper class murder filt
Death be proud

The day will come when all go
Trapped in earth to cover stupidity
Rebirth shall clean the slate
If mistakes fall away from the vision

Death will then be angry

Proud the people of serenity come
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Today's Haiku for Haiku Challenge-Ravel

Tangled the web is
Caught like so much flies in death
Turn down the bed now

Photo by Allen Matheson

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Today's Haiku #2

Dedicated to the movie, "Total Recall"

Trapped within mind-fuck
Capture what once was the known
Red ball holds the key
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Today's Haiku

The soup soothes my throat
Goodness flows into my gut
Serenity born

Daughter's week!

I was reading the random Facebook posts earlier, and someone wrote that it is Daughter's week! Now, I am not one to follow these random celebrations, but, being a proud daddy, I will. My daughter is my world, my heart, my reason to come to this crappy job I dislike. For those of you with daughters out in blogland, give them a big hug and tell them just how much you love them. As crazy as they may drive you or as hard a time they can create, its all part of the experience! My baby can make me smile when I am blue and make me laugh at any moment! Let us all appreciate our beautiful daughters throughout our lifetimes!

Today's Haiku for Haiku Challenge!!

I see what is me
to pass on blood and promise
Hard, the world that waits

Photo from Few Miles For the Haiku Challenge!!!

living in the middle: Dedicated to My Mother

living in the middle: Dedicated to My Mother

Beautiful Haiku from!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Buddha Special! Check it out! Price drop and free book!!!

Hey everyone! Starting today, 02/15/11 to 02/28/11, I will be giving away one free marketing EBook with purchase of my poetry EBook (I am dropping price to $2.50 a copy), Inside Out of Consciousness! Help out a fellow artist and get something free with it! All of the marketing (not the poetry) EBooks can be resold, so you can make some money from them on your blog! Pick up an excellent work of darkness from the mind of Buddha Paul! Make sure to send me an email requesting which book you want and I will send both as an attachment in the Email! Thanks!

Movie picks!!

I am a movie junkie and have watched some over the past few days that rock!! "Due Date" which is about a guy who needs to get back to his wife who is pregnant, but ends up screwed and has to make the trip with a more laid-back, quirky dude. They get into some wild adventures on the way. A must see!!!!! Next, "The Green Hornet"! Now I did not think this would be good, but was surprised. It is the perfect guy movie, plenty of Martial arts, hot cars, and things blowing up,lol!! It is about a guy who's father dies and he takes over his newspaper business. He has no clue what to do, but, gets some help from his dad's former mechanic, Kato, who is also an inventive genius!! Both guys decide to become makeshift vigilantes and clean the streets of the bad guys! The last movie I loved was, "Cyrus". This one was about a guy down on his luck, due to a divorce, who ends up meeting a wonderful woman at a party. They hit it off, but, she does not tell him about her 22yr old son who is very overprotective. It is pretty funny and sweet at times. Check it out!!!

Inside Out of Consciousness

Hey everyone! I have a great poetry EBook for sale on my blog called, "Inside Out of Consciousness." Its 18 dark/bizarre free verse poems to waken the senses and disgust the mind! On Sale for only $5, a steal! If interested, click on Buy Now button and send me an email so I can send it to you. Its an EPub file, so you just need a reader to open it (I use BookWorm, its free and works great). Help out your fellow poet, thanks!
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Short video edit for this Abbacabb song!

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Today's Haiku-For Haiku Challenge (Solitude)

Lost to mankind bound
Comfort comes within the shell
Break and kill the man

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Short video edit for song, Jesus Christ by Tool

Short video edit I made for this song, showing how we consider anyone a God in a way. And the shady nature of Christianity.
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Today's Haiku for Haiku Challenge-Grumble

World gone wrong quickly
I cannot see what comes now
Grumble time is here!

Photo used from

Saturday, February 12, 2011

What makes you happy

The far silver skies
dancing ribbons of atmosphere
wind down on one
creating vortex pleasure

Spiral me down among
forgotten familiar crevices
Reach and grasp blood
Juice keeps thirst at bay


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Haiku for my oddball cat (more like the princess cat,lol)

Kitty stares at me
Wake silly human right now
Focus attention

For my strange cat,lol! I love her odd behavior, but, that's a cat for you! Hahahaha

Friday, February 11, 2011

Today's Haiku #2

Lost when forgotten
Found upon realization
Connect when grounded

Written for Haiku Challenge (Faith)

Today's Haiku

Bond for friendship new
The future holds change hidden
Explore the wonder
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Written for Haiku Challenge

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The power of haiku

I have set upon a journey, such as the old masters did. Not in expanse and realization of spirit, but of inner ponderings and shapely expression. My feet remain on the ground, holding fast, yet I have escaped into vast wilderness though the synaptic highways of yesteryear. Simplicity of my teachers is transformed into being using few words; a giant feat from mankind resolving complexity. I hide under the world umbrella, cradled by occurences validating meandering thought. Bliss finds its home in haiku expression and rests, admiring our turbulant relaxation.

Today's Haiku #3

Words lost on a page
Caught onto lines at random
Shaped into knowledge
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Today's Haiku #2

The cat wanders now
A world vast, enclosed in present
Escape arises
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Today's Haiku

The rush of movement
Keeps me on my toes non-stop
Bliss comes in silence
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Today's Haiku

Hidden among clouds
Fade into background beyond
Flesh weak in caress

Written for the Haiku challenge

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Today's Haiku # 4

The snow disappears
Washed into drains underground
Gone to far off lands

Today's Haiku #3

Computer screen bold
Several pictures appear
Reveal the day's light

Today's Haiku #2

The streets lay down flat
Holding consequence each day
Objects go by fast

Today's Haiku

Held together strong
Never to forget this time
Innocent friendship

Written for the Haiku Challenge

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Today's Haiku

Lost, the time of days
Remember, for words whisper
Soft upon my heart

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Today's Haiku

Stare at sight unsound
Fear the future feigns remember
Quiet the ground opens

Friday, February 4, 2011

This months movie selection

I just changed my movie on the movie page for the month. This month's selection is, "Little Buddha", go check it out!

Today's Haiku

The shifting tide waves
across the sandy land mass
one with such splendor

Written for the Haiku challenge