Wednesday, October 26, 2011

City pretty shitty, but kind to mind the dead

Steaming manhole cover-ups for the toxic brigade. Running, crawling in the unders, trapped by the light of day. The gentle lamb crushed on concrete cannon cracks, and taken away for slaughter. Forgotten, thrown, tossed aside the inside out, and fed for masses of mindfucks. Shake it punk, luminescent skunk clear and quiet as the down stroke junk. The heart stopper, liquid dropper to fill the canals and reach the center of it all. Mine burns the midnight fantastic, cloud sailing across the countryside tide; the new day approaches like roaches that hide, to the underside. Again to begin the ending song of silence, profound.
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Random band night

"Then go into the bathroom inside and wash up."
Dude just got hit in the head with a bottle, and everyone wonders if we should go to the ER. Not a good idea when half of us are tripping on some white blotter acid the bass player picked up from Washington Square park. Another night in the life of a band and its roadie. Although, maybe It was better to call me hanger on, layabout, random drunk looking to hang and have fun. Let me tell, some crazy shit went on, what I remember. Oh well, gotta have fun baby!

"Think its time to lay down and let the ride flow."
Holy shit, we are all someplace and noplace, a fun dark bright filled mindfuck. Listening to some Queen, and Freddie is speaking in tongues. We had to rewind bqck a few timew to catch up to his bqckward verbal gymnastics, Freddie burned up our minds, while Lucy fed the flow magnificent.
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Monday, October 24, 2011

Away to the gathering

Cool sweat pouring down riverside, Bronx burden falling to the side as we ride. Follow the narrow washboards floating in top form deligations. Wind blows back nothing as steel pierces the Autumn night, tunes tickle the senses to delight. Endless journey to endless unification nation derilect schemes. Arrive in style, the miles behind the flash of the camera smiles, and chill time to commence til dawn.
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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cringe at lost rebirth

There is no where to disappear
A total forgotten abscence break
Forged as steel fell on lonely promises
Empty milk carton dream explosion

Enclosed upon self-efficacy
Never capture the outstreached potential
Died as the embers flew out to nothing
Sent the way of obscurity whisper
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Millenium

The disaster of thought pattern persuasion, flowing along canals of turbulent exchange. Run rampant across city to city, the understanding lost, solution trapped in synaptic ineptitude. The many outweighed the few who remained calm before the storm. Gatherings bring such wonderful panic sessions on the base idea of inaccuracy. The time it came as all awaited the final curtain. However, time and reaction stood together and faded onto the day, the worst was never the better and gone. Mud on faces frightened for fear.
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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Violation frustration (warning: a bit graphic, the stench of death arrives soon in a wave of color)

How much does it hurt?
The caress, the cool explosion within
Does it arouse the senses?
Held against will, spill for my ecstacy

The soft pressed lips on mine
Can I assume your consent?
I already favored the infestation
Does the world go now, as you rest for me?

Silken as the cherry blossoms upon the ground
Have I cooled you frustration, incased elation?
Silence has dragged the last from you
Now, you are mine forever.
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Monday, October 10, 2011

Searching, still searching

Passenger ride deep on a journey small
Crawl beneath the seats, land of plenty poppies
Seeds spread out upon the world fractured
Bones brittle burn character witness send

Away, beyond the exact, the hidden never

Forever forget the unknown, together
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Thursday, October 6, 2011

The park at dark, such a lark!

The wanderers heading to the land of foliage and sights of seeing, proud, majestic merriment to be had. Light up the torch songs, water hitting stone, crashing silence washes ancient dreams for rememberance. Add present picture show and charge the hearts of future finders of the words. All together, and treasure the oneness of nothingness of it. It is what it is, a gathering of the minds, the kinds that never wind up and downfall the time. Wake up, wake oh dreamers of dream drones, replicate out here on the edge of reality, but never forget the past present, and future yesteryear.
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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sweet, Meaty, and the transformation pod revelation

The dot dropped down tunnel tracks past the slime, into acidic distraction chains. Burning, yearning crystal sensation releases the exstacy server onto surface retrainer. The key unlocks the door, the floor disappears underfoot, the plunge into hidden meaning arrives on time. The transfiguration nation crops up as the stalks along the farm, and fluctuate color demons wrapped as skin on meat contraptions. Back inside for a moment, the break is needed, the outer is too much. The quiet darkness envelopes as a warm coccoon of unconsciousness blinds the folly. The trigger is hit, the grand awakening! And they come on,like the storm of liquid whispers blessing canal crass creators. The imitators of broken scenes.
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Flowing down the river of feces

Turbulant wave washes away dreams, dreams long standing across my waking self. The self supposed figure flys away in the atmosphere, lurking on the cloud linings. And in here I am within and without the spiritual nirvana of oneness. Clear the rough road ahead of cerebral undertakings, informed of long spindly spider cracks along cranial caves. Release and greet the flow of matter coating the body of unconscious consciousness. The self becomes the someone else and adapts to the outer machine world of cold steel extractions.
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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Today's Haiku

Wet along the floor,
And inclined to take a step
I narrowly walked
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