Saturday, April 28, 2012

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Today's Senryu

My backside

Is itchy,

So I scratch it

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Today's Haiku


The smoke from

The incense stick

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Past the right left

Fall into emptiness

Filled loneliness

In between, growth

Copper penny

Tricks sound

The thunder surprise

Umbrella not


But bleeding

Into sewer splendor

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Today's haiku

Wood flows

As does the river


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Rant for today about the Shuttle Enterprise!

Well, just saw the Space Shuttle, Enterprise, pass by on top of NASA Boeing 747. Could have given us one of the actual Shuttles that went into space. Not some useless junk named after a ship that was more useful, even if it was a model,lol. It really sucks that they stopped these missions, for what true reason, I know not. As has been reported and shown on YouTube, many of the Shuttle astronauts saw UFOs as they were adrift in space. I guess we must remain in the dark again, until the real masters come and take over the planet.

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Behind the Shadow

This world

Is nothing

Illusion has



What is Truth?

The answer is


Soon to return

Perfect beings

For useful


The first was

Taken care of

We the People


Hidden shadow


Ready to abuse

And kill for Them

They Live!

Is not a movie

We need glasses


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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Philospher Speaks on The Can

Reading Nietzsche

on the can

Nothing better

Than a shit and


How Zen of

me to be

so explicit

Who cares


of the being

A super qualification

for true evolution


"God is Dead"

Although he, she,

or it never lived

At least, not

in conventional terms

Man is the force

For change

Learn this not

in bullshit schools,

but the university

of one's lifetime

Here lies the way

For us all

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Today's horror senryu #2

Is it hot in here,

Or is it your

Exposed entrails?

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Today's horror senryu

Fuck man

Did you have

To use a hook?

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Danceteria Dreams

Bile at the


Naked maiden

Fire flirting disaster

Acid trip


Rage beast

Time to feast

On the gyrations

Of metal sex

Big brown coming

Down on a guy

Looking for fun

As time moves

Like waves

Electric lightening

Strikes the fury falling

Out of meat paws

On my person

I quiet my rage

And save explosion

Monster hides in the

Cave of vertical dreams

Search for friends in this Hell, Heavenly awaiting the next phase

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Monday, April 23, 2012


Hey everyone, I have started writing some simple articles on hubpages, check them out!!!!!

Who gives a Shit?!

Fucking dirty birdy


Creep crawl away

Back into the shit

Pasted walks drip

Faster in the cracks

Broken mother backs

Into soft emotion

Forget the day, the night,

Or whatever

Take of your emotion

Sweater, made heather

Comfort chore

And I sit in false pool

Safe enough to forgive

Nightmare proves

Saintly bullshit stories

Dragged around minds for


Fear keeps it that way

Play with human toys

For hidden agenda


The new religion,

the old division of

Above and below

Symbols eye the blackness

Of society

The Neon merchants again

The call girl amusement park

After dark and ride the cart

To hole intrusion

Reboot the smoke

Emerald jester molester

Hairdo extender

Pleasure hurts the under

Over blenders

Fashion rope and tie

Over tree limb escape

But break and fall around

Puddle lakes.

April rains razorblade

Teardrops on my pills

So no taking today

Oh Damn, is that in our

Best interests

Whatever, who gives a shit?!

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pondering while listening to Jack Kerouac

Rain burning my brain
Cutting like the Knife
in the dead Cow
at the butcher shop

Slow, agony monster
Tearing pieces
In the midnight city air
Rank and bitter from
The dirt of the homeless

Walk straight on
Crooked sidewalks
Avoid the vomit pool
Left by Politician
Party boys as a sign
Of what is inside

City strokes my
Whipping out ideas
Along Times Square

Flashing fandango
Falling deep, the
Strangers capture false
Fury developed by
Grotesque neon

This bottle hear
Whispers the words
Forget dreams which
Kill kind illusion
I am real and known
To you and your choir boys

I enter, lost in the sewer safety net, asleep

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Today's horror senryu

Bite the hand

That feeds, I am

Still hungry!

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The past holds the future!

To find answers to our existance, we must look to the ancient race, known as the Sumerians. The lived 6,000 years ago and were the true bringers of knowledge, not the Greeks. The invented all that was once thought to be from the ancient Greeks. But as with many spiritual people, the Greeks learned from them and adapted it to fit their people. Each generation transforms prior knowledge into one that works in the present. As suggested by the Sumerians, there came to them a race of beings ( gods), known as the Annunaki. These beings supposedly created the race of man from the creatures already on Earth, mixed with their DNA. A concept such as this goes against Darwin's Theory of Evolution. If you look at this idea logically, we humans do not make sense. Why is it really that we evolved to be better than the other creatures on Earth? Seems not to make sense that other creatures have stopped evolving, while we keep going. Perhaps we were genetically manipulated to progress in a greater fashion. According to the Sumerians, humanity was bread to be slaves for the Annunaki, to mine gold for them. Perhaps this is why Gold is such a precious material to humanity, for its properties, but mainly for prestige and power. I am still learning and spreading the word, go and seek that which must be learned, good luck!

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spreading the word as I learn, we all must learn and unify! Yeah ranting, so what?!

Beware! In an effort to control us more, supposedly the Govt wants to implant RFID chips under the skins of Americans. This is not a new suggestion, but is starting to present itself in secret. We have the ability to put chips in animals, and there are chips in your passport cards and enhanced driver's licenses, so we are next. The chips are meant to store information such as, medical records, education, work information, and so on. However, what makes one think that they wouldn't use it to track us for their own wants; the want to control us as slaves and puppets for their agenda. What has become of humanity, and how does one return to a truly, productive human society? Not productive making money for others or ourselves, but productive together, helping each other. No one above no one, an overall sense of well-being, a truly evolved race of creatures.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My poetry ebook

Hey everyone, I am at work and got an idea. I want to give my first poetry ebook for free to the first 20 people who send me an email about it. The book would be the one that I have a banner link to on my blog (Inside out of Consciousness). So if anyone wants a copy, send an email to me at or Hey, its free. If you like, keep, if not, delete it. Peace!

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rant about corporations

We are the people, the people controlled in secret by corporate masters, who slowly reep in all the benefits and share not with the little people who keep them there. I understand that many of these corporate guys may have started as honest, determined people to bring products to the world, and employing many to enjoy in sharing the corporate spirit. I worked for a corporation known as Office Depot, who paid employees a low starting salary, with an end reault salary that still did not give proper value to the employee. I was lucky to start off at a higher wage due to experience and the fact of a stable economy. Eventually I became a manager, however, with my insurance policy, I was not making that much more than before. One thing that made me laugh was one Christmas, when we got a bonus. THE bonus was a $25 gift card for Office Depot, hahahahaha! Oh yes, they cared for us giving gift cards value would go right back to the corporation.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Today's Senryu

Want to give

A fist pound to

The Dali Lama.

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Today's horror senryu #2

Mallets are perfect
To open your skull,
Bathe in blood.

Today's horror senryu

Drills are fun
Turned on in your mouth.
Fountain of crimson.

Words, but what of them?

These words , just single concepts fallen from the mind. Vague at first, then given meaning so others may understand. Universality, sharing of ideas so that others may or may not approve, the final is the end. Why the need for so many words to mean one thing within a language, or at least the English language, more specifically, American English. Is it a scheme for book manufacturers to make more money by printing thesaurus'? However, this has been the example of supposed evolutionary breakthroughs. This depends on the truth of origin, but what is truth? How about if what I speak is false? Another word given life and added to our vast assortment of words. The complication of the human existence is cyclical.

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That way, under nowhere














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Return to Sodomy

Empty containment



Burn stranger

Caught in

A scramble

Cracked on








Garbage monster

For Christ sake

Blow your brains

On the carpet


The pain is less


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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Another poem for the desert planet

Hurt the ground
With my fleshbag
So slight

Delight at found
Presented quick

Awakens the
sleeper sound

Toxic poison
Round and

Move without
Means of

Brain fell out
Of box lunch

And did I mention?




Friday, April 13, 2012

Art Takes Times Square

Hey everyone, I am entered in a contest to have my artwork shown on Times Square, NYC on a billboard. Go to link and.hit collect button on my profile. You can also have a chance to win a $5,000 trip to NYC if you judge. Click on my profile and hit info button for more details.

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Awaken Children, Wake and See

How do we change the mind of a people, far into a reality created for them. When humans become older, receptive patterns weaken and new realities fall to the side. Youth has always been the answer for change. A time in one's life where rules matter not, the individual among like-minded peers, testing the boundaries of the self. The shell, the flesh bag holding the vital organs; a walking death. Now is the awakening of the blackness, spared the shame of destruction for too long. Be exposed for what you are, the filth that wallows in the muck! Children, see the insanity, the narrow-minded expansion series. Burn the wicked ways of a selfish king, and illuminate the dreams of a saved future. The world waits for you to understand.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Today's Senryu

I see darkness-

Just another

Children's game

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Some more ranting about the country, the world, and the death of freedom!

I have been watching a few 9/11 videos, mainly, 9/11 Mysteries, Painful Deception, and In Plane Sight. We had an incident which was extremely significant, but not in the name of security. The revelation wad that our own Government and others unknown, have shown their true colors. The acts that occurred on September 11th revealed that our Government is willing to sacrifice its own voters, for the love of money!!!! All wars need a catalyst to get it started. The Government needed an excuse to enter into a war with Afganistan and Iraq, by blaming a person known to be in the pocket of the US Gov't. How dare Osama Bin Ladin send his goons to attack the American people. How dare he! Unfortunately, this was not the case, there is too much evidence that points to foul play, but by terrorists who were closer to home. The incompitence of that day by our officials is appalling enough not to be believed. Wake up world, the NWO is closer than you think! The next big thing will be Iran, you shall see!! Obama and his boys in Israel will plant some evidence of so-called treachery! Keep eyes open!

Rant about the state of our country!

Soon its time for my meaningless job, well meaningful only because its the only thing allowing me to survive in certain ways. The country and Government, want us to believe in the unity of work. It brings us together, it keeps us active (physically and mentally), it proves our worth among a sea of people. However, this is all a farce. We work to allow the big shots, behind closed doors and open ones, to fill their pockets and gain power. Each time someone is hired, there goes another pawn to use for the procurement of money and power. We end up as slaves lashed by the whip, yet, there is nothing we can do. Of course, this is the same in every coporate entity. We need the meager paychecks, the cheap fast food that kills slowly, the clothes to fit in with everyone else, what a bunch of bullshit, but needed. Life is not about the home, family, the American way. Life is about greed, backhanded deals, double-crossing others, and hiding behind masks, hidden from the sight of the enlightened. Society knows no other way, or is it that they choose not to step outside the box of complacency! Wake up people! We need another Gandhi to rally the world and make it understand that the Gov't and Corporations are not there for us, but we are there for them to live on, we call the shots, for this was what the rules of this country stood for! This is our country! Let's make it more tolerable, no, better than it is!

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