Friday, June 29, 2012

Oh This Life Gone By

Oh this life gone by
Moves as the river makes
Nothing forms slow to fly
Freedom lost to take

Fickle the gone formation
Pound by pound, broken down
Betterment continues past frustration
Appearence sets forth the frown

Days gone by answer strong
The want not found mistake
Travel the quiet decision long
Conformity the road to take

And I saddened soak
Pour libation through
Reality grabs throat to choke
Future holds no clue

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Meat shuffles from the beyond, created fresh

Constrained long for
The journey
Fire flight fallen
Essence of being
In pain

Sent millennia away
Landing on rock so
Blossoms breach
Soil nutrients
And endless the beginning
Is hear

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Crumbling Existence

Torn between reality
And dream
Lost in yesterday
Found today

The man struggles
On the path to
Lonely and

Light cuts as the
Knife upon flesh
And no rest
Can be reborn
Following time

The entrance appears
Waiting for this
Broken into
Sanity fruit

Recycled until next
The next becomes never
Again until whenever


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Merge into this

Across flesh the charge expands
Captured prisoner of heart in hand
Forgotten existance shelved in time
Symbiotic motion serves we sublime

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Today's Senryu

The Sea enchants-
The children play
Around drunken fools

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Favor I with thy grace

Reading some Shakespeare sonnets, so this formed in my brain pudding, enjoy!

Current wafted the way of Summer dreams
A time past gone upon the wake of morrow
Supple coupling long since forgotten seems
Mended in formation, wayward behind the sorrow.

And I and you gaze into porcelain lens
Heart and heart within encountered days
Comfort cross clasped prolongation blends
Forever increasing our banded ways

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Collapsed Adherence

The warmth of a
Embrace cells
Unified upon
The meat

Ground effects
Scatter soft
The next
Burning abscess

Anthropomorphic failures
Ravaged by zephyr
Prolonged on the
Slice of inanimate

Forfeited fetter
Thrown by the
Contemplate riven

In sync

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Phineas Gage Paper

I wanted to share a paper i did for my Psychology class on Phineas Gage. I heard about a child who was impaled through the head with a spear. So I wanted to share this paper, which shows the power of the mind and body to recover, even a little, from a traumatic situation.

Phineas Gage Paper
Cognitive Psychology, as it is known, came about as a way to interpret an individual’s memory, speech, learning, and problem-solving skills utilizing certain brain structures. The brain can be seen as similar to a computer, taking in information, processing it, and developing a response to the information, which is accomplished within several areas of the cerebrum: the frontal lobe, the temporal lobe, the parietal lobe, and the occipital lobe. This wonderful structure also can function under extreme damage. This was seen in the case of Phineas Gage, a railroad construction foreman, who received damage to his brain from a tampering iron that was blown up, went into his cheek bone and out through the top of his head, yet he managed to survive

The brain not only helps individuals to move from place to place or react to sensation, it helps individuals to take in the environment and all the complicated structures seen day to day, to gain a true understanding of our world. The cerebrum is known as the largest part of the brain and is broken into the known areas, right and left hemispheres (Mayfield Clinic, 2011). In these two areas, hold the areas of learning, reasoning, emotion, and speech patterns (Mayfield Clinic, 2011). The cerebrum is the most integral part of brain anatomy in reference to cognition and its interpretation (Mayfield Clinic, 2011). The two hemispheres, as a unit, contain areas that will give more explanation to this relationship.

The Frontal lobe

The cerebral hemispheres are broken into four lobes known as the frontal lobe, the temporal lobe, the parietal lobe, and the occipital lobe. Each has its specific cognitive functionality important to every individual and work together to fully understand life. The frontal lobe is in charge of an individual’s personality, behavior patterns, and emotional response (Mayfield Clinic, 2011). Also, it controls speech pattern in a sub-area called, Broca’s area (Mayfield Clinic, 2011). Broca’s area was discovered by Pierre Paul Broca in 1861 as he was studying the brain of a speech impaired patient (Conjecture Corporation, 2003-2011). Broca discovered that if this area becomes damaged (Broca’s aphasia), the individual will lose the ability to assemble grammatically complex sentences (Conjecture Corporation, 2003-2011). This would hamper relations with other individuals due to a lack of understandable verbal communication, although the person with the damage can understand what is told to them (Conjecture Corporation, 2003-2011). Another lobe that helps with speech and several other factors is the parietal lobe.

The Parietal Lobe

The parietal lobe can be found above the occipital lobe and separated by the central sulcus, parieto-occipital sulcus, lateral sulcus and medial longitudinal fissure, which divides the right/left hemispheres (, 2000-2011). Areas that the parietal lobe controls are the processing of new information, movement of the body, speech, visual perception, recognition, and spatial orientation (, 2000-2011). If there is damage to this lobe, spatial processing can become abnormal (, 2000-2011). The smallest of the lobes which is hard to damage, is the occipital lobe.

The Occipital Lobe

The occipital lobe, which is the smallest of the lobes can be found in the rearmost part of the skull, which is why it is the least susceptible to injury (, 2000-2011). One of the occipital lobes’ functions is to interpret vision through light, color recognition and movement (Mayfield Clinic, 2011). If trauma occurs to this area, there will be a decrease in the visual-perceptual system (, 2000-2011). The last lobe of focus , and the only one that has a twin is, the temporal lobe.

The Temporal Lobe

The temporal lobe, found in both hemispheres can be found at the ear level of the skull (, 2000-2011). The temporal lobe not only is responsible for auditory processing (contains auditory cortex), but contains the hippocampus, which is in charge of long-term memory and new information sorting (, 2000-2011). The temporal lobe is also responsible for discrimination of smell and sounds from others, control visual memory and, verbal memory (, 2000-2011). Each lobe has a cognitive function that allows true understanding and interpretation of the world inside and out, although the case of Phineas Gage proved that the brain could still function with some damage to it.

Phineas Gage

Phineas Gage was a railroad foreman who was excavating rocks to allow for railroad track. This was accomplished with hole-drilling, which was filled with dynamite and blown up (Carlin, 2006). On September 13th, 1848 while putting explosive into a hole with a tampering iron, a spark from the iron ignited the powder sending the iron under Gage’s cheekbone and out through the top of his head (Carlin, 2006). The amazing thing was, he remained conscious and could walk after it happened. After treatment, Phineas went through some problems from infection, but eventually recovered too many people’s surprise (Carlin, 2006). The location of the damage from the tampering iron was, in the anterior left lobe of the cerebrum, fracture of the parietal and frontal bones and protruded the globe of the left eye from its sockets (Carlin, 2006). Eventually, Gage did show some signs of the damage to his frontal cortex, as told by those whom he knew. Phineas would become fitful, irreverent, profane, and sometimes obstinent that was not like him (Carlin, 2006). Gage was left using only his left hemisphere from the accident, which accounts for his decrease in proper behavior, intelligence, self-awareness and judgment (Carlin, 2006).

The brain is the nucleus of the body and allows for the creatures of Earth to work around its surroundings. Each lobe of the brain has its function that allows an individual to retain new information, speak to others about various subjects, perceive the objects seen every day and move about from place to place. Without the brain, we are left to be vegetables, lacking the will, and understanding to be part of society. As seen in the case of Phineas Gage, the brain can become damaged, yet still function for some time before causing any decrease in functionability.

References (2000-2011). . Retrieved from

Carlin, J. (2006). Neurophilosophy. Retrieved from

Conjecture Corporation. (2003-2011). WiseGeek. Retrieved from

Mayfield Clinic. (2011). Anatomy of the Brain. Retrieved from

Touch it again

Placed tenderly
Across the threshold
Breath wanders
Within embrace

Bathe in fluid
Cleansing the
Way beneath us
Lost ecstasy mindfuck
Trips the obvious

Blood Angel hovers
The light fantastic
Burning perversion
Inside your canal

Drop out of
My arms becoming
The bed that awaits
Sweet porcelain goddess
Blinded expiration

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Akira (Manga)

Akira is my favorite Anime movie,as I am sure is the same for many. However, I never got arround to reading the Akira Manga which came out in 1980. Wow, what a difference! So far, I am blown away at the extent of characters not seen or focused on, relationships between characters, and a clearer storyline (movie was directed by the author). Certain characters, such as Tetsuo and Kaneda, have more depth, more emotion, and more life than in the movie. Tetsuo is not the weak character that he seemed to be in the beginning of the movie, especially speaking out at Kaneda. Kaneda, in the book, seems to be more intelligent than his movie character, and maybe a bit more harsh. I have to say, it is worth the $25 to get each volume (6 in all), so run out to your local bookstore and pick them up, or order them. You won't be disappointed!!!

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Distortion Portion

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Setting Sun

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Cannon Fire

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End of the Line

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From Beyond

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Check out a great art show!!! Art Takes Times Square

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Art Takes Times Square

A little poem honoring Art Takes Times Square,and the artists who gave their hearts to bring something new to the people!!!

Among the neon
Ocean, came the
The quiet storm
Of vibrant release

Hands tossed
Upon the skin
Giving birth
To unity
Clash together
The imprint

All eyes on
The hearts of
Struggling to
Reach within

Takeover is
Reality, and the
Ground rumbled
At oneness
Art has won
Times Square
Bleeds anew

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Today's Family Guy Senryu

Peter farts-
Tasty treat
For Meg

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Today's Senryu

Tasty trees-
I have really
Missed you friend

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Head's up!!

Hey everyone, I met a wonderful artist out of Pennsylvania named Matt Susko. He does some awesome digital collage and will blow you away with the visuals!! Go check him out at: Flavors.ME/MattSusko

Great pick I saw at Art Takes Times Square (artist:Daniel Sinoca)

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Today's Metalocalypse Senryu #2

Nathan bitches-
Damn this
Summer cold

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Today's Metalocalypse senryu

Defensive driving-
Mr. Gojira is
A sick fuck

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Today's Senryu

Loud Roar-
Zen master
Wakes furious

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Today's Horror Senryu #4

Tears roll down-
Make it quick
Pain no more

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The Warmth of Separation

The hole waits
As the mother
Who's breast
Laid upon
Days past

Filled with substance
Not yet ready for
The change
Strange, this is

Forget this emotion
Lost among the
Found forgotten
Blackness where
The life was once

Imperial march
Sounds off the
Staged to finally
Fill the bed
Forever thoughts
Become nothing

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Today's Horror Senryu #3

Don't speak bitch-
Lovely fingers
Chainsaw punishment

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Today's Horror Senryu #2

Liver milkshake-
Slice the abdomen
Rip out the prize

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Today's Horror Senryu

Fuck this shit-
Bat wacks face
Pretty no more

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Today's Sealab 2021 Senryu #2

Marko yells-
Ah stuff it
Mailbox head

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Today's Sealab 2021 Senryu

Sealab explodes-
Murphy searches
For Happy Cake Oven

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Haiku for Haiku Heights prompt: ordinary

Sparkle of golden
Sun shines down on such a life
Less ordinary

Today's Star Trek Senryu #2

Mirror Sulu flirts-
Hitting on Uhura,
Who you kidding?

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Today's Star Trek Senryu

Eyebrow lifts-
Humans are
Quite fascinating

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Today's Senryu

Tianamen Square-

Something to

Reflect on

The anniversary of the end of the protesting was a few days ago. I wanted to write about it and the similarities to what is happening in this country and many others. The protesting of corrupt officials and a broken government.

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Today's Horror Senryu

Fallen idiot-

Brains painted

On trucks tire

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Remain the Same

Why do you

Hate love?

The affection

Infectious to


Resolve the

Thought left


Broken costume

Filled with


The one builds


Strong upon

Mind expansion



Forfet your


Drawn away from

Distraction of

Self inflation

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Today's Senryu #2

Green paper-

Root of all

Evil friend

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Today's Senryu

Feng Shui-

One last time

To see father

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Today'a Haiku

Lilypad floats-

Fragrance of

The reborn

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Endless object

Held out to


Search for the

Way to be

As one


Strong and lasting

Prepare for


And so it shall be

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Today's Horror Senryu

There he sleeps-

The throat slit

Is not visible

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So you say you saw Bigfoot? by Paulo Guimaraes

Bigfoot, the name brings about many feelings: fear, hatred, confusion, and intrigue. Some feel that the legend is just that, a story, a myth. Believers hold strong that this being roams the Earth with the ability to disappear quick and remain hidden. What can be said certainly is, the Bigfoot myth will never leave the minds of us all.

Proof of the creatures existence has come to the public in many forms. Films have been presented showing what appeared to be a tall, hairy man-ape walking away from the camera. Also, molds have been cast of the beast's footprints, showing a very wide and long foot that no human could have made. Picture's have been drawn of Bigfoot in various shapes, sizes, and colors (This depends on region of siting for example, Asia (Yeti) or North America (Bigfoot)). However, all of these forms of proof have been revealed as fake.

Eyewitnesses to the creature have said that the creature could be seen eating or wandering in the woods. At first sight of humans, Bigfoot would run away and stay hidden, or just disappear as if the creature became invisible. Also, the idea that there was only one may be incorrect. Sightings have been made in North America, Asia, and other locations, either showing a larger population. However, some researchers have suggested that these creatures have vast underground tunnels that allow for multiple sightings. Also, it has been suggested that they use cloaking technology to hide. If this is the case, How could these creatures be intelligent enough to make them?

According to many ancient alien researchers, the creature may be related to humans, but not along any understood idea of evolution. Researchers have concluded that extra-terrestrials came to earth thousands of years ago, eventually merging their DNA with known primates at the time. This race of beings were called, the Annunaki. The first result created was a being exactly like the Bigfoot, with high intelligence. More than what we have come to know and understand. However, these created beings revolted against there masters, so another race would need to be created, Us.

Whether the myth of Bigfoot, Sasquatch, or the Yeti is fact or fiction, the creature still weighs heavy on the minds of cryptozoologists and regular folk in search of something different. The legend brings wonder and fascination to the minds of the young and old, and will be for decades to come.Until real proof is found, the hunt goes on!!!

Senryu for Enki


Home to

Our father

Great house-

Honor my

Creative being

Lessons pass-


Of the many


Truth hides

In stories

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Today's Senryu #2

Picture found at

Beach opened-
Binoculars dug
Out of closet

Today's Senryu

Pic found at

Twins guard-
But who guards
The Twins?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Today's Senryu

Fallen hero-

Desert cloud

Covers truth

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Today's Senryu for Takle it Tuesday prompt: Exposure

Steel Sentinel-
Guard the gate
To the Past

Today's horror Senryu

Picture found at

Naked cat-
I'll take the
Beef lo mein

Today's Haiku

On the wind-

Golden leaf

Jumps down

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Today's Horror Senryu #3

Aborted fetus-

Can I have

A doggy bag?

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Today's Horror Senryu #2

Vaginal yeast infection-

Not your mother's

Bread recipe

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The Bohemian Grove for those who don't know

When one thinks of the ruling elite, immediately comes a vision of politicians such as, the Bushes, Nixon, Reagen, etc.) Als in this catagory are bankers, oil tycoons, and corporate CEOs. These are the tyrants who rule the world and cause life to move on as  productively as they see fit. Most times these elite are Christian and hold strong values against other religions, especially pagan religions. However, this is not so, as was seen in the movie, "Dark Side of Bohemian Grove by Alex Jones," which was released in 2000. What was observed was, the elite engaging in rituals unexpected of persons of high regard.

During the Summer, for two weeks in Northern California, many including the Bushes, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagen, plus other elitists in control of politics and business, go out to Northern California for a gathering of "The Bohemian Club." The club gathers out in the redwood forest of Northern California, in privacy and enjoy food, drink, and other frivolity. However, the main occurrence at the Grove, is the gathering of all around a 45ft. Owl (which represents the Babylonian god, Moloch), dressed in robs according to rank. And, only men are allowed at the Grove.

The high priests and lesser priests, dressed in their robes, gather across a pond around the Owl god, with the eternal flame at its foot. The main priest speaks ritualistic words in honor of the god Moloch, and speak to cast out another being called, Dull Care.

The ritual itself continues with a man who ferries the sacrifice across the pond, to be placed in a pit and burned as an effigy to Moloch, casting out Dull Care. This ritual is called, the cremation of care. The ritual of the ferryman, with skull mask, represents the condemned soul taken across the river Styx to Hades. Many of the words and practices stem from ancient Babylonian, Greek, and Druid rites and rituals. The sacrifice, as told from ancient Babylon, was a child thrown into the fire inside the owl. According to information, the sacrifice at the Grove is made of wood and made to look like a human.

After the sacrifice is placed in the pit, the high priest speaks more words in praise of Moloch. Suddenly, a voice representing Dull Care, and tells the priest that they cannot destroy him and keep him away from the Grove. The high priest speaks to the god Moloch and asks for guidance. Moloch tells the priest that to be protected from Dull Care, the sacrifice must be burned with the eternal fire. At that point, the priest thanks the god and orders the other priests to light torches with the eternal flame and burn the sacrifice. As they light up the sacrifice, all hail and cheer as Dull care is thwarted again!!

Eerily in the video, as the sacrifice is burned, sounds of someone screaming can be heard. Now, who is to say that the sacrifice is not wood, but a living human being? Everyone is now satisfied that they are protected and safe from the entity called dull care.

As you can see, the leaders of our nations practice ancient practices that most of them have dismissed as heretical. This is unbelievable, but true if you watch the video. Besides these rituals, who knows what is discussed about the country and world and the private citizens like you and me. Many times after the gathering, certain politicians are promoted or given jobs within the political and business spectrum. The Illuminati still lives on and keeps helping those who mean to enslave us or wipe us out. Beware and always question all you see and hear!!!

Today's Horror Senryu

Putrid Pile-

Bodies stacked

After freedom

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Today's Haiku

Birds speak-

Morning wakes

On Spring day

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Five reasons I hate my job!!

1. The utter boredom of just sitting there and looking down empty hallways (lol, I do talk to people and do room checks, work at homeless shelter).

2. My boss is the biggest asshole in the world (I like to call him little Hitler,lol).

3. When people don't come back, I have to pack their belongings (I have found porn, rotten food, pills, crack pipes, diapers (adult), and so much more,lol).

4. Too much talk behind people's backs (I have fallen into the trap too, and if sucks).

5. The possibility to be attacked and I cannot defend myself, in fear of being fired if I do something to the attacker.

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Today's Horror Senryu #2

Picture found at

Syphilitic cunt-
Dig your face
Into that

Today's horror Senryu

Picture found at

Necrotising Fasciitis-
One way to
Lose some weight

New Product Banners

Hey everyone, I have just added some new product banners to my page. The is a banner for, Magazine Line, where you can get all your favorite magazines for low prices. Also, I have added a banner for, Precious Moments, home of the cutest and most loved figurines in the world. For the kids, there is a banner for, Giant Microbes, funny plush dolls of various parts of the anatomy, including bacteria, viruses, and more. Of course, don't forget to pick up a copy of my Ebooks at B& (look under Paulo Guimaraes), and my paperback book. Banner links are on my page. Thanks and enjoy!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Today's Horror Senryu


Slow speech from

Wrench to the head

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Awaken to the Party of Existance

Burn high the bonfire of darkness, my friends!!!! Set forth on the inner journey without, the land awaits on ground or within mind village. Primitive ideals will not leave us for good, but should be placed far down into the subconscious, that trigger will search long. The Superman, that Nietzsche spoke of, may or may not be achievable. An attempt to attain this eternal mountain climb can deep rewards of discovery of self and clearer understanding of one's part in this world. Always, always keep searching, even if the outer appears insane, there is special reason, enlightenment.

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Short Story (and poem,lol) for Blubell Books Short Story Slam week 19 (yes, I am late with submission, but liked the picture prompt)

Walking within
Each other
Days blend
As does water
Flowing to

Blind to
Pain when
Caught in
This trance

Tragedy comes
As a surprise
Lost Love
Dies below
Great tree

And here
I weep for
My heart lost
To the dark

There She Weeps

There she weeps

Alone on the

Edge of loneliness

To jump far

Into the night


My hands

Soft upon the

Landing of

Your heart

In shambles

Needing repair

Fix this puzzle

Board emotion


And paint the

Picture of one

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Today's Horror Senryu #2

Drill in head-

Jeffrey play

Nice now

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Today's Horror Senryu

Body of Christ-

Crucifix fits nice

Red flows strong

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Today's Haiku #3 for Haiku Heights prompt: Lock

Mind is lost
Locked away somewhere
Deep within

Cutting the city Sunday song

The horizon

Plays across

Bitter haze


Fever days

What was bright

Sleeps until

The morn

Tucked away

Warm inside

Velocity ride

Clipped along

Road ripped



Trying to

Catch the

Night gone

For goodbye

It goes

Beyond the

Water bridge

Revolver shot

Velvet smooth


Trains the

Tracks long

To nowhere

Resolved in

Blood drunk

Shower heads

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To Serve Mind

All that goes past

Each day kills

The true idea

Of human



Of mind, not

In learning

But in


To go against

The concept

Of normalcy

Allows for

Truth of being

Suffering the

Lash of the sheep

Builds the human

Of future time

Fear not ridicule

Destroying the

Control within


Comes from rebirth

Whether in

Life or the




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Today's haiku #2

Frog pond-

Kingdom of

The Summer night

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Today's haiku

Moonlight daze-

Pigeon dancing

In the park

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Venus stirs

Got a little mushy with this one, but a little tender moment can be cleansing, even created in one's mind

Upon softness

The words flutter

By as the beauty

Of the butterfly

Hands grasped

As shackles to

Remain in

Tender sync

Reveal the

Within for

Without falls

Through cracks

Into emptiness

The glow of

Hearts burning

Sensation aware

The two as

The one

Moving towards

The Sun

Planetary goddess

Behold the work

Of your being

And become

The essence

Of Love

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Today's Horror senryu #2

Whipped being-

Steel and leather

Blood intoxication

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Today's Horror Senryu

Bloody balls-

Rip off the sack

With your mouth

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Ferryman does
His job, bringing
Me across the
River Styx

Yes, that Damn
Song is playing
Nice and loud
Even Hades flics
His Bic

Well, I hope
No liver poking
Or boulder
Pushing for me

Me and the
H-man are
Bosum buddies
Plus, it's
Session time and
We gonna chill
And light
This joint

Good doggy!!! Dude, puff puff pass!

New Ebook part 2

So I self-published a new ebook a few days ago on B& Today, O also had it published on in paperback for $9.10. Go to the sight and type in my name in search box, or the name of the book, "Bathe in Excrement." Peace!

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Friday, June 1, 2012

Today's Horror Senryu

Zombie love-

Shove the sharp

Wood in eye

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Today's senryu

The lonely chair-

Tea party is in

Full effect

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