Monday, June 4, 2012

There She Weeps

There she weeps

Alone on the

Edge of loneliness

To jump far

Into the night


My hands

Soft upon the

Landing of

Your heart

In shambles

Needing repair

Fix this puzzle

Board emotion


And paint the

Picture of one

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robin said...

nice image painted...

Buddha3074 said...

Thank you very much. Not my usual theme, but I like to change things up.

Taylor Kong Boomer said...

powerful words.

Terri / Cloaked Monk said...

I like the 'One.'

Buddha3074 said...

Thank you very much

Buddha3074 said...

Thanks, that stood out to me too when I wrote it.

underthetoadstool said...

I like the style you've written it in. The emotions come through. I like that you haven't fully polished it. It came directly from your swimming mind.

Buddha3074 said...

Thank you very much, I poured myself into this one for sure!

Andy David said...

It's nice when two become one in perfect harmony. Nice imagery and flow. Thanks for sharing.

This Plunderous World

Buddha3074 said...

Thank you!!!

The Poetry Palace said...

an award for you, let us know after you take it, nominate another poet for week 73.

Buddha3074 said...

thanks, I accepted