Saturday, August 31, 2013

Haiku for Haiku heights prompt -Frogs

Across the vast
Water world
Little frog hopped

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Worship (enhanced digital photo)

Knife Party (The Deftones) played by string quartet

Gojira Demo!!!

Rant as I gaze on the vast ocean around me

Sitting here looking at the multitude of people stuffing themselves silly really sickens my inside. The idea of population control is, to me, a useful idea. Constantly the world grows full with more humans gracing its favor. This brings about change in the equilibrium of our lives, of the Great Mother's life, abundant and mighty. She weeps at the possibility of her passing, because her children do not care or understand. Only selfish misgivings as she cries deeply, away from our hearts. Resources are becoming scarce, hence, the creation of artificial means of gorging upon the land. Eventually, all will be gone with the outbreak of war, religious or not in nature, just total destruction of unification among the masses. As I loom at the vast ocean, I ponder the serenity of this blissful kingdom, hidden are the children it holds. They know not the desire for more and more useless objects that hold our affections. Known to them is survival as is seen fit between all. The status quo never falters until the children of Gaia destroys it. Such stupidity, and yet humans are the evolved ones. The answer is found in the shadows of our leaders, puppets that are strung up by the unknown. Manipulation of the drones is in order, including the idea that more is better. Some of us, including myself, fall into this trap daily, however, I can see the writing on the wall. Decrease the family unit for the benefit of mankind, not because the secret masters pull our strings. Wake up people, the time has come for change!!

Foul the Beast Man

Gorging on the feast
Suffering mindless drones
Shovel sustenance sick
Never knowing death laughs
Behind the air of serenity

Accelerate movement my children
Disgust bathes my pleasure
Always thinking selves immortal
Until I cover them in Ebony's light


The gaze that launched ships
Across the ancient sea
How noble the time carries
This maiden into my arms
Trapped in the creature
Sent beyond the gates
Only the gods can make it so

      My goddess set free

Today's senryu

Light the path
Pulling fire
Across the sky

As I Look Out

Flame making merry upon the waves
Golden god grants such divine dance
I, upon massive machine admire all
Stillness befalls my being in such glory

Time, the evil master initiates the end
Journey worth the quickness of passing
Thoughts transform within the cycle
Never forgetting the sequence of forever

Going for a Ride

Vast darkness when Apollo drives away
The Sun falls asleep under cover of pitch
Here aboard the Kraken cutting the ocean Lord Poseidon feels contented at rest


Alabaster ascent toward below
Broken aquamarine labyrinth lost
Holding the children of Poseidon
Dancing around the worth of living

Fire breaks not this Sea
For Hades tries taxing the family line
Yet, behold his Lord casting quick
The word found among the break

    Wall holds the kingdom safe

Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Great Unravel

In this weakened state do I rise
Distorted understanding beyond time
Carried away to the beginning of the end
Never took late to cross the river lost
Creation hides among worlds that collide
Destroyed vision upon empty abundance
Lingering distortion fever fixes the eye
Corrupting the control of we many contorted

Fuck and what and what fuck what?

Concepts form slowly in a song and dance mode of operation. Pretending to function as they were made, parallels answer the side by side equation. Lost is the answer format strung on theory of displacement. From the air drops funny harlequins dancing the intended posture song, crying above the great beyond and far. Away lies lords of leaping bounds burning with mad desire clowns. Serpent, serpent, can it be, can someone want to crucify me? And station is weird because two dudes are one. What the fuck dudes?!?!?! Rufus found the grave and so did the Winter of discontent. No matter, Canadian bacon burned the sleeve for shelter expansion, enhancing the core of the beware.


And I slowly leapt from the platform
Light as the air brushing my cheek
The path is swollen with destruction
Quickly silence wanders into the after


Decaying off the vine
Putrid creature fails
Lost among the brightness
Power wains through pitch

Dying is forever
Falling into torture days gone
Dead flesh crisps in agony
All for the man in black

That time is now

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Robot Chicken Star Wars

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Reflection on Emptiness (Short one-act play)

The scene starts with two man inside an empty room, neither one has any idea why they are there, and for what reason? 

Man: The light, it shines so brightly! Let me close the blind and end my plight! Yet, the cord is missing, how can I fix it?

The Stranger: The blinds remain open.

Man: I can see that.

The Stranger: It remains open.

Man: I noticed after you informed me of the fact, do you ever pay attention?

The Stranger: Blind and yet blinded.

Man: Understood sir, who ever you are? The concept has dawned on me. As a matter of fact, I do not even know why I am in this room or who you are?

The Stranger: Do you not know?

Man: Know what?!?!?! I found myself here upon waking, and only you as my neighbor.

The Stranger: It seems the same has happened to me.

Man: Well, that is a question that needs an answer at the moment.

The Stranger: An answer?

Man: Yes, the final product of a question, the birthed gift from deducing the factors. Basically, discover the meaning of our predicament.

The Stranger: Predicament? Is there a reason to not feel at ease?

Man: What do you mean, how can you not feel unnerved by the situation? We both wake inside an empty room, with only one window with a broken drawstring!! And there is no one to answer our questions!!

The Stranger: Can we not do that ourselves? Is it not logical that two minds working in sync, should be able to solve a mystery with more ease?

Man: Perhaps, but there are no clues to make an assessment of the situation.

The Stranger: Look back into your memories, and reveal factors that can present the answer you seek.

Man: But I have no memory of the before, only of this time and place, which is little at most.

The Stranger: Try harder, the memories are trapped, waiting to be triggered into existence.

Man: They linger, flutter about the grey matter as I search, yet nothing presents to me that answers my question.

The Stranger: Observe the obvious, you have hands, legs, a body, and a mind in which to think. Cut the darkness through illuminated perception.

Man: I understand your meaning, however, the fact is we still remain trapped in this accursed room, with a light shining as a million Suns would! On top of it, a blind that is broken!

The Stranger: Not broken, just lost.

Man: What do you mean lost?

The Stranger: The blind remains in position, functioning its predisposed task. However, it is not. The blind keeps working, knowing not the pain of being tired.

Man: But how can it be lost? Why does it not know pain?

The Stranger: When it perceives the truth of its existence, then it will find freedom. Here lies the answer you seek.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Friday, August 2, 2013

Fate is Formed

Shaped within
The forge
Flesh grown
In time
A thinker
Animal of
The highest
A fraction
Upon the
Food chain
Killer as
They live
Freedom for
What remains
Wipe clean
The land
Defense system
Clears the path
The blood rain
Bathes the future
Is born