Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mind your Screams

The nothing called upon
Each and every day
Wake to a reality unknown
A grinding plague of rearrangement
Feeding on the synapse
Firing across tunnel suspects
Crawling to the next station
The combination is potent
Mixed in a tube of forgetfulness
So dream the miniscule vision
A thing best to lose completely
Such as the mind invaded
Perpetual late screams harsh
The vibration and cracks the
Earth heroes protecting the nation
Erasure blinded upon lunacy foul

Monday, September 23, 2013


Set sail upon wild screams
The aches and struggles in dreams
Fighting the law lost in drains
Complexity twists course the game

Monday, September 16, 2013

Rape of my Mind

Slink on path bright and clear
No sound but the silence of my heart
Fall into self-sacrifice responsibility
The little one expects nothing less
But how to mold into conformity?
Watch the lie spread in highways
Flowing throughout the city of flesh
Crux in the chain linking events sustained
Ramble the lust of perplexity mindfulness
Crave the useless ways for admiration
Yet the schism within claws through
I ride the wave of wants and needs for
Equilibrium of the stranger I knew
Does change damage the forgotten,
Or can transformation present happiness?

Vague fuck of the senses present in the cloud of normalcy.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Senryu for Haiku Heights prompt: Guardian (Picture is of two guards at the Vatican)

Stay back now
Too many secrets
Hide within


Another War

I wonder what the prize is, exactly, that we are looking for in Syria. Odumbass and his goons, wants to kill more people in the name of humanity. And this is the person give a Nobel Peace prize? Well that is a bunch of bullshit anyway, Nobel was one of the puppets of the Illuminati, anyway. Now France, of all countries, wants to help out. Well possibly to get revenge for Syria's freedom from their oppressive rule. Let Syria do what they got to do, and stop giving false information about who really used the chemical weapons, if at all!!

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Senryu about Obama

Obama asks congress
For permission
Load of bullshit