Sunday, March 9, 2014

Buddha's Twitter Tips (#checkitout)

Twitter, stomping grounds for many. Marketers, painters, musicians, photographers, and so one. Although so limited in characters allowed, it still captures the heart and the mind of new users.

The idea of Twitter is to get out your ideas to the masses online. Each minute the posts refresh, meaning there are only seconds for viewers to see your post. To allow for capture of a prospective follower, the tweet should standout, attract the eyes for that second of viewing time.

One way to do this, is with expressive quotes. For example, you may say,"If you do not see this now, you're missing out!" What this does is catch then attention of the viewer. They want to see what this important thing is, or they miss out. No one likes to be in the dark about anything, especially if it may be beneficial.

I hope this tip helps out in all your endeavors. Twitter is a fast-paced community, have the right flag to grab everyone's attention! ;)

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