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The Nazca Lines-Ancient Airport for Extraterrestrials or Something Completely Different? by Paulo Guimaraes

Each and every day, humans enter metal flying machines, carrying them all over the world. Planes have been a part of our lives, since the Wright Brothers proved we could soar in the air, on that faithful day at Kitty Hawk. Airports were built as hubs for planes to land and take-off, many found all over the world bringing people together. However, was the use of flight and landing areas,  a modern invention, or a creation by our ancestors for  ancient Extraterrestrial visitors interested in the Earth?

The Nazca Lines of Peru, according to Erich Von Daniken, were built for the convenience of ancient visitors to land space craft. However, Philip Coppens, in his book, The Ancient Alien Question, suggested that many scientists laughed at this notion.  The ground was too uneven and rough, which in turn would cause severe damage to landing gear. Locals have, for the tourists, provided flights to the area of the Lines. Planes fly above the area, initiating fake landings and then pulling up, to amuse the tourists. But could this idea be so far-fetched as many believe it to be?

The idea of magnetic energy to initiate flight, has been a focus for the lack of sound and movement of UFOs. According to the, Andreasson Affair books, the possibility of this type of craft may be a reality. Betty Andreasson created a series of technical drawings which show a craft using magnetic energy for flight, mainly from the use of a device called, the Toroid. Here is an explanation of how it works:

The toroid
fig.3The largest component of the lower section of the craft is a toroidal casing specifically manufactured so that its cross-section is three-pointed and that all three corners, or edges of the toroid (or arced-toroid), exhibit three different degrees of acuteness - such a structure points to the laws of electrostatics... any volume made up of varying curves and sharp points exhibits a variety of electrical densities at those curves and points when the whole is charged up electrically. This UFO displays such technology in abundance.

Contained inside the toroid is an electrically polarizable fluid that when rotated round the toroid generates a magnetic field that extends far outside the craft - exactly what that fluid is contained inside the toroid is subject to further research, possibly it is a gas in the form of deuterium gas (deuterium can be electrolyzed out of water as a 'heavy hydrogen' gas and separated from the oxygen of water) which can be ionized by passing an electric current through it. It could be that the toroid holds a liquid as simple as water modified in such a way as to be insulating, but carrying metallic suspensoids so as to generate electrical charges.

If the Nazca Lines are not an ancient airport for space craft, then what was the purpose?

Prior to Daniken popularizing the lines, Mathematician Maria Reiche had studied the lines in the 1950s. Reiche suggested that the Lines had an astronomical function, determining the position of the stars in the sky. However, this theory was refuted. 

Travel writer Jim Woodman and balloonist Julian Nott, suggested and agreeing with Daniken's idea that the lines must be viewed from the air, that a hot air balloon may have been used. Rock paintings near the sight suggest this. Also, at the ends of some of the lines, blackened rocks were found that could have been fired to power a balloon. 

British explorer, Tony Morrison, felt many focused too much on the Lines, and not to the features around and along the Lines themselves. Talking to the locals, Morrison learned that many used areas of the Lines for religious purposes.  A certain barren area of the desert where no rain fell, was used by the locals to call upon their ancestors. The Lines were used by the shaman to travel into the Otherworld. At certain sections were the Lines crossed, small altars were found.

Just as popular and part of Nazca, are the 1,000 foot biomorphs scattered along the desert. Why were they created and can only be seen from the sky? Perhaps the biomorphs were drawn out on paper, in grids. This way sections were formed, revealing the biomorph as the work progressed. Ancestors of the locals might have wanted to represent the gods they worshiped, as a way to appease them. However, I still believe that these creations might have been a signal for visitors to land their craft in that area. What better place to remain anonymous than in a desert. The locals at that time would have been amazed by the presence of these beings and the craft with the power of flight. This would suggest a, cargo cult, worshiping the unknown and amazing, twisting the reality of the situation according to understanding. 

Ancient airport, astrological tool, or roads to the Otherworld, the Nazca lines will always remain a mystery to many in society. The question of visitors in the past, will always be on the mind of society. The more incredible discoveries that defy logic we find, the more the questions will increase. Without stubborn curiosity, how could we progress in methods to finally reveal the true answers? For believers, as myself, the truth is out there!!!

The Ancient Alien Question by Philip Coppens

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