Thursday, March 20, 2014

What is Pinterest and Why You Should Be Interested to Find Out? By Paulo Guimaraes

Social Media is the way to go these days, if you want to stay ahead of the business game. Businesses, big and small are using social media as another way to advertise their products. A popular star in the land of social media is, Pinterest.

Pinterest has grown very popular over the past two years, and it does not seem to be stopping. On the site, users are allowed to post pictures of anything found on the web, as long as there is a Pinterest icon on the page dor sharing. Anyone can share pictures, connecting to a particular website which expands on the details of the photo presented. These are known as, "Pins." Each "Pin" will consist of the picture, information about the picture, who posted it, a comments section, and most importantly, the "board" it will be pinned on.

Each user, once registered, can create boards. Each board will contain certain pins found online by users, or from a blog/website the user owns. Boards can be named, usually coinciding with a specific theme or category, according to the users particular interests. Boards can be shared with other users who share your interests by inviting them to "Pin" on it.

When navigating the many boards on Pinterest, a user will be faced with many subjects for observation and learning. Many popular "Pins" are food-related, fashion-related, art/photography related, craft-related, or inspirational quotes. According to research, many of the users attracted to Pinterest and the topics on it are, woman aged 21-35. However, many of all ages and genders enjoy the wonderful finds on Pinterest. Not only are finds attractive on Pinterest, the best use for it is to drive traffic to tour website or blog!

Many blogs/websites owned by users, will have social media buttons located somewhere on the webpage. This allows them, or visitors, to post to other sites such as, Twitter, Facebook, or Google +. With each new post, visitors increase, and with more visitors a person could receive more potential customers, depending on the business. The new kid on the block seems to be able to handle its own, ;)!

Pinterest is wonderful because it allows people to become friends, network with potential clients, and possibly make sales. During a viewing of several pages, everyone is exposed to countless amounts of expression, scattered across countless boards in the cyber world. As a marketing tool, it passes with flying colors as more and more traffic travels to other sites, visitors shares back on Pinterest boards.

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