Monday, April 7, 2014

‘We Will Live Again’ Offers Look At Cryonics Institute

by Matt Staggs on April 7, 2014 in News

Some of you may remember Majestic’s post detailing some of the reasons why freezing yourself may be a terrible way to cheat death. Robert Ettinger of the Cryonics Institute begs to differ. This short film offers a rare look into the lives (and deaths) of those who share Ettinger’s vision.

A withered man, nine-decades-old and held-up in part by a wooden cane, reclines beside a stack of self-published scientific books. The walls of his home are barren, the counters scattered with copious vitamins and supplements. “When people say they don’t want to extend their lives,” he says, “they’re talking without thinking.” This is Robert Ettinger, aka “The Iceman”. Nearing the final chapter of his life, he doesn’t buy into the notion of death – at least, not in the traditional sense – and he doesn’t believe you have to, either. As founder of the Cryonics Institute, Ettinger has devoted a giant portion of his life to cryogenics, the process by which human beings are stripped of their blood, filled with antifreeze, and frozen (by way of liquid nitrogen), where they are then stored in a sustained kind of limbo until more-advanced technology can “awaken” them.

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