Monday, May 5, 2014

Synthetic Marijuana Is Dangerous!

MON MAY 05, 2014


There have been a rash of visits to Texas emergency rooms as a result of people smoking K2 synthetic marijuana. 

"Dallas Police and television stations reported on Friday the treatment of 40 people over a 48-hour period for overdoses of what appears to be a synthetic marijuana product they are describing as K2."

Patients were coming in with symptoms related to psychosis, abnormal behavior, and altered mental states that ranged from Cheech-and-Chong high to I'm-going-to-bite-your-face off-high. “They’re very difficult to control. They actually have to be restrained," explained one doctor.

Brett Roth, the medical director of the North Dallas Poison control center, figures the sheer number of bad reactions suggest there is something different about the new synthetic marijuana currently available in the Dallas market. He suggests it may have been laced with something else like PCP or other dangerous chemicals.

Long story short, keep it natural people! There would be no need for this fake shit if marijuana was legalized. Stay away from it and instead get yourself a fat sack of whatever your favorite strain is.



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