Sunday, September 14, 2014

Today's rant- Will I ever become what I should be?

Time comes in one's life when they say, "what have I done to unlock my potential?" The train keeps moving each day, but has one gotten off at the right stop?

I am at such a time, stuck in a dead-end job, too comfortable, and scared to give it up for possible improvement. Constantly, My focus wanes over to my dreams of becoming a famous artist. This goal may be attainable, but I cannot count on it at the moment to put food on the table.

One answer for me is a move, specifically to Florida. The main reason for this location is for my daughter to be closer to her mother. I want to provide this opportunity for her so she can be happy. As for me, I am hoping that this will give me a chance to better myself, working on my business and becoming successful enough to pay the bills and call the shots. However, after 2 1/2 years of trying, I am starting to have feelings of dread. That brass ring is just not attainable.

Most days I let the depression and anger get to me, forgetting my goals because there is no use, the dream is gone. But with each day of frustration, fuel is thrown into the machine that is my artistic fervour! I am creating more than I ever have, and entering as many contests to gain exposure. If I keep this up, there is no stopping me. Maybe. I really don't know.

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