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(Article translated from original French)

Part I: a new approach to alien life forms unveiled by Sensomion.


* Experience 0015 program  Sensomion on extraterrestrial life, August 2014.

* The reported experience codes are shown in italics


It's a question many times subjected to researchers around the world, astrophysicists and biologists among others. It is therefore an existential question that requires a philosophical reflection. For my part, I will not go into such a process. I'll just bring the experience induced by the anticipation Sensomion tool by attempting to identify the most accurate interpretation possible mentioned codes.

I, like many others on this planet, particular curiosity or a desire, perhaps unbecoming or romantic, perceive life in other galaxies, preferably in the form of advanced civilizations and serene. The latter would then have the ability to give us the benefit of their erudition and wisdom. In any case what we would like for humans in these very turbulent times.

So what is the opinion of Sensomion on the issue?


A new approach to alien life forms unveiled by Sensomion


Surprisingly and in our first phase of experiments, the tool indicates that it is"mandatory" to "exonerate" of such opinion. The written code used for belief in extraterrestrial life is "currency". Would this mean that we should abandon such an opinion? Probably. Sensomion For it would be rather wise or necessary to be totally free of the belief that most of us vow to little green men in recent decades .Why? I can not say because I do not know any more at the moment. I note also that the question concerned not extraterrestrial life in the simple form of bacteria, for example, but intelligent beings able to contact us by different means. It is this belief that there Sensomion shows as apparently unacceptable.

Following the outcome is less clear and therefore more difficult to interpret with the information I have at the moment.



Sensomion speaks of a "middleman" who have a specific role to fulfill on Earth . I tried to identify the intermediary to determine its potential intentions. The tentative identification has not really served its purpose. The intermediary would otherwise be a "debtor" . Knowing that the tool uses only the terms or codes he has at his own disposal, I think the term indicated is not correct but could possibly be close. A debtor is a person who has a debt, financial or moral, to another person.So it is a person, organization or community that plays the role of required subject in some way to another "person" or community by a contractual obligation.This "middle-debtor (?)" is dedicated to"remove" the "recession." Again I guess the term "recession" is not good. But what seems to be emerging in this second experimental sequence, the idea of a willingness on the part of an unidentified mediator to fix an error or to remove an risk as a potential hazard for example . But this option would only be possible if we free ourselves completely from our beliefs in an intelligent extraterrestrial life. This is very surprising to say the least.

This "intermediate" is there anyone in particular? A group of people, or more generally the human who would have a debt to be other beings? I should also add that for some religions, the "debtor" could simply symbolize the commitment by the faith of the human being with God.



What is even more surprising in the results of the experiment is the very origin of initiatives. Sensomion indicates that an entity or external action encourages people to break free of these beliefs . This initiative is strong, almost 75%, which is quite rare in our experience. Especially since it adds that this unidentified "entity" has the means to achieve its ends.

Some of us assume that this entity is none other than ... extraterrestrial intelligence, while others will think spirituality and divine or higher.   Whatever. In the first case, why the unknown entity she would work to close our eyes to its existence?Why she would seek to blind the men by making them laugh theories and people who believed in it without really knowing?

In this context, the most interesting hypothesis induced Sensomion would be:


-       An exogenous strength of our system known; as a mysterious entity, an intelligent life form, a superior being or other force unidentified; to try to hide its presence or existence by any means:"externe.exoné currency".

-       This effort would serve to camouflage drapes an unknown mediator who had links with the same strength designs.

-       The relations of servitude as a "debt" exist between the mediator and the same force.

-       The mediator would have the task of designing actions that would reduce or even eliminate a disadvantage (for exogenous force or for us?)"intermédiaire.dé the recession."

-       It seems as I read through this code that is endogenous to our system and therefore human.


Following the experience of talking"perte.complémentaire" . I do not have enough information to interpret the origin and type of losses. This will be the subject of another article if new information comes to me.


The search for a possible contact is necessary?


Regarding a possible confrontation of man with another intelligent life form than ours, the Sensomion also says no  : it seems that the contact does not come as easily as in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind , and that it also makes several generations ever again. The secret is it so well preserved?

If we merely this one answer, personally I will fall for extreme loneliness of man in the big world around them . But we must put the answer in context: We probably will never be in direct contact because the contact should certainly not be done .

If he had, we could then assume that the underground and opaque shares previously disclosed may no longer be able to prevail on this planet and the consequences would be disastrous for then mankind or, conversely, to exogenous entity .

Imagine if one day your kind, invisible, toiling and intelligent housing bacteria in your gut began to lose control and perform actions contrary to the smooth running of your organization. The machine is out of order and you could certainly suffer, while if all goes normally, they would continue to live and grow in harmony and symbiosis with you in your body.

It would be a bit what would happen across the planet with these external entities and Man in his terrestrial environment. It would therefore be desirable for the harmony existing and possibly invisible to continue naturally and without collateral damage. So we really want to establish some form of contact?

Maybe scientists look too far ... in outer space.  Harmony evoked induce an already effective and invisible presence, probably terrifying if people were to learn one day.

It is very tempting to further identify this strange "intermediate" to discover how and why he has to work to "remove" an indelicate situation and the reasons that led him to be united with any external force. That is why I will continue my approach as far and as long as necessary to do so.


The experiments will therefore continue to try to support as much information as disclosed in this article. The theory of "symbiosis" of life forms is one to consider, but it should be clarified and nurtured new arguments.

EXPERIENCE REPORT/0015a/21.08.2014/I2E6//41ENexonérer-absolument24EN/devise/0015b//38IPintermédiaire-débiteur01IN/05EPsupprime-récession14EPNon-ditIP14/0015c//36IPQui?-perte44EP/13EPRejet-P8Non-dit/16ENcomplémentaire//

Anthony De Sant, August 2014


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"All the powers of the universe are already within you. It's who you are hiding your eyes with your hands. You complain that it is dark. Know that around you there is no darkness. Remove hands before your eyes and be light, who was there for all eternity."

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