Monday, October 13, 2014

World Top Secret: Our Earth IS Hollow!


Could the earth, moon, planets and stars all be hollow bodies?

Amazingly, the answer is Yes!

And very likely inhabited within!

What is Our Hollow Earth like?


It is a terrestrial paradise,

...where the original Garden of Eden is located today

...where the Lost Tribes of Israel live
...where the Political Kingdom of God is located

...where the Lost Viking Colonies of Greenland migrated to
...where vanquished Germans migrated to after World War II

...where flying saucers come from

...where people live to be hundreds of years old in perfect health

...where peace and prosperity exists for everyone

...where Heaven is located (the inner sun)


Learn more from those that have been there:

Olaf Jansen
I-AM-THE-MAN whom Bruce Walton discovered was William Morgan
Karl Unger (German submarine U-209 crew member)
Admiral Richard E. Byrd
Reinhold Schmidt - The Hollow Earth Enigma (Mysteries of the Universe) - by Alec MacMillan
Ret. Col. Billie F. Woodard
Hank Krastman
Phoebe Marie Holmes - My Visit to The Sun (our outer Sun) (to the New Jerusalem being built there for us by Jesus and all the Saints, in the hollow interior of the Sun)

The Lost Viking Colonies of Greenland


Learn about the marvelous terrestrial paradise that is Our Hollow Earth.  If you go, let us know about your journey to paradise.  Details on how to get there are in my book... 

Do the hollow earth people have a message for us?  There are many things in the late Larry Foreman's book, Passport to Eternity, that makes me believe that the flying saucer people he met out in the desert outside Los Angeles in 1960 are actually from our hollow earth. 

They gave a message to Larry for all of us:  Our planet is a prison planet and we were placed here for something that our ancestors did. 

Our ancestors were Adam and Eve, who broke a commandment given them by the Creator:  Do not partake of the forbidden fruit.  The punishment for braking that commandment was that it would cause them to become mortal beings, (but also changed their bodies so that they could have children -- us) and they were expelled from His presence from their home in the Garden of Eden to our surface world.  We, as their descendants are all living out a prison sentence on this prison planet we call Earth.  We are living a life of "probation" as the scriptures say, to see if we are willing to obey the Creator's commandments

But the good news is that our prison sentence is about up.  The flying saucer people came to tell Larry that they have a project they call, "Project Milana."  They told Larry that our prison sentence on this planet is about up (my estimate is about the year 2021 when I estimate the earth will be hit by a devastating solar flare).  And that they are coming to take us all back home.  That is, those of us that deserve to be taken back home, which I doubt would include murderers, liars, thieves, adulterers, and war mongers, in short, all who insist on breaking the Creator's laws. 

The flying saucer people told Larry they can requisition enough space craft to evacuate the surface of the planet in ONE week!  And take us home. 

Our original home was the Garden of Eden.  They say they come from the center of the Universe where there are two planets that share the same atmosphere -- which is a concealed way of saying they are really from the Center of the Earth -- the Hollow Earth, since we share our atmosphere with them through the polar openings.  They told Larry that they live lives that we would consider "heaven." 

Deuteronomy 30:4 calls the land of Our Hollow Earth, the "outmost parts of heaven" where the Lost Tribes of Israel were driven to.  The prophet Isaiah wrote that in the last days God would "...set up an ensign for the nations, and shall assemble the outcasts of Israel, and gather together the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth."  (Isaiah 11:12) The four corners of the Earth is theGarden of Eden, where out of flows four rivers to the four cardinal points of the compass.

The flying saucer people told Larry that their capital city is on their southern hemisphere.  In fact, it is located 800 miles beneath Jackson County, Missouri.  Their capital city is the City of Eden, built next to the original Garden of Eden, where Olaf Jansen found it in 1830 when he sailed there with his father "beyond the north wind" through the north polar opening, into the interior of our hollow earth where "the chosen people" live.  They explained to Olaf that the garden he was taken to inside Our Hollow Earth was none other than the "navel of the earth," and "the cradle of the human race," and is called "Eden" and is located on the highest mountain plateau of the inner continent on their southern hemisphere.  Since the directions of the compass are reverse of what they are on our surface world, our south pole is their north pole, then their southern hemisphere is beneath our northern hemisphere, and their capital city is beneath North America.  The coordinates the saucermen gave Larry for their capital city were:  South South West 1/4 9' 3" 10 sid, according to their coordinate system.

Do you want to go to Our Hollow Earth?  My solution is to create a city -- called the Virtual City of Light.  By working together we can do anything!  Click here to become a citizen of the Virtual City of Light.

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