Saturday, November 8, 2014

Ant Dangles Over the Edge

Severed leg for supper again, when will we have a change around here?

Rice and lice crawling out of your hand, dancing slowly into the boiling pot?

Well, well we cannot have that happening here in this establishment!

But what establishment do you speak of? This hole-in-the-wall,waste of space darkened hovel? You must be serious.

Well of course I'm not, but please be a dear and tell everyone you pass by, blind in the hurry of appointment.

Frankly, I have forgotten your words, did you speak any? Or was my subconscious playing flashbacks of Twin Peaks? Little bugger likes to play me a fool, dancing his merry harmonica jive!

Dash here, move there, the fleeting notes
Circle the path of loneliness, none to listen to its lament.

Wake, the eyes dart about, the visions past the window of my space, in that case I want it all, and I want it tomorrow. Yes. 

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