Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Trump: Bill Clinton, Obama in ISIS video - not me By Tom LoBianco, CNN Updated 9:10 AM ET, Tue December 22, 2015

Washington (CNN)Donald Trump fired back at Hillary Clinton on Tuesday, saying she might have gotten the idea he was in an ISIS recruiting video because her husband reportedly appears in one.
"It is ironic. I didn't know about that. That's probably where she came up with the idea of videos, you know she knew her husband was on it and I think Obama is also," Trump said Tuesday on Fox News' "Fox and Friends" when asked about Bill Clinton's alleged appearance in a video.
    The conservative website RedState linked to what it said is an ISIS recruiting videothat uses Bill Clinton, President Barack Obama and other prominent leaders, including Sen. John McCain. But Trump is not in that video.
    There is no evidence that Trump appears in any of the terror group's recruiting videos, according to CNN's Reality Check Team.
    Trump asked Clinton Monday to apologize for her comment during the Democratic debate on Saturday night, but she her campaign refused, saying, "Hell no." Trump repeated his demand for an apology on Tuesday, but added that he doubted one would be forthcoming from Clinton.
    The two front-runners have increasingly been turning their attention away from their opponents in their respective primaries and toward each other, foreshadowing a possible general election showdown.
    Trump knocked Clinton with a vulgar Yiddish-ism for a man's penis during a rally in Michigan on Monday night, saying she got "schlonged" in 2008 when she lost to Obama. Trump was not asked Tuesday morning about his choice of words.

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