Sunday, May 8, 2016

My Poetic Life by Paulo Guimaraes

For me, poetry has been a release. It has been part of my therapeutic process in life. I started writing when I was a sophomore in high school. For years, I suffered under the tyranny of many a bully. I was the fat, geeky kid that tried to fit in. Even some of the nerds made fun of me. Yet, I did have a few friends that knew how to treat me with some respect. At this time, I got into, The Doors. I remember listening  to them on Classic Rock stations, and instantly fell in love. I learned about Jim's poetry, and found what I could, absorbing as much as possible. My early writes were terrible, long-winded, but a great way for me to get through my days in hell school. Each word pulled the darkness inside, letting in more light and clarity as to who I was, and what I needed to do with myself in life. Over the years, I was able to keep improving, and learning as much as I could, trying many styles as I could. I have 2 or 3 poems printed online, do not remember where though, hahaha! I do have a few self-published books available on my blog (, but no luck selling. Still, I enjoy the process, and what it does for me still, gets my mind working and working, cleansing and purging each time. I have also branched out into more subjects, especially my favorite, Horror!!! I am loving Prose, and the many wonderful writers on here. Hope you enjoy my story! Laterz!! ;)

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