The Art of James Elmore







   James Elmore collaborates with others to heal, transform and empower through art and creativity. James has an interdisciplinary background creating through visual art, theatre and film. His digital artwork has a contemporary pop influence, transforming photographs into the likeness of other mediums. He uses photography and digital art to explore light and color. 

Founded in 2009, Canopy Gallery showcases Elmore's artwork and promotes the work of other contemporary artists in the community via social media. His digital artwork is now available as high quality prints on acrylic, canvas, metal and paper. James’ images are also available on home products at Zazzle.

Comments on James' work:

“I love your work! You send the world beauty. It’s deep, reflective and engaging. Wow!” ~Shannon Grissom 

“You make beautiful work! I love the colors and the serenity.” ~Sarah Creek 

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