Movie Clips

From Beyond

From Beyond: A movie that combines sado-masochism and demons from another dimension, will catch your interest and hold it for full effect. The movie was adapted from a story of the same name, by H.P. Lovecraft, and stars Jeffrey combs of Re-Animator fame. Combs plays an assistant to a scientist (with a love for S&M) who builds a machine that opens a gateway to another dimension. Soon, a demon materializes, then takes over the body of the scientist, as Combs character escapes in fear.After telling the story to the police, he is sent to a mental facility, due to the police thinking he lost his mind. Eventually, a beautiful psychologist decides to re-open the case, get Combs' character out of the hospital, and see what really conspired in that house. Let me not spoil the rest of the movie for everyone, but i highly recommend you all watch it. You cannot beat gore, S&M, demons, and Jeffrey "Re-Animator" Combs!!!! Check this mother out!!!

Haxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages

Haxan: Witchcraft through the Ages, as the name states, this film is about the beliefs of people, during the middle ages through early 20th century, about witchcraft and witches. The film was created in 1922 and comes with two audio tracks, one with regular music, the other narrated by William Burroughs and music by Jean-Luc Ponty. The version on my movie page is the second and much better version!!! Have a laugh and enjoy!!

Little Buddha

Little Buddha is a wonderful picture that tells the story of Siddhartha and his journey into becoming the Buddha. This movie stars Keanu Reeves as Siddhartha and intermingles with the story of a sect of Tibetan monks who are looking for the reincarnation of there former master. Their journey leads them to America and India where they feel that some children could be their master reborn. The parents of the first little boy in America are played by Chris Issak and Bridget Fonda. If you enjoy religious tales, this one has a beautiful story scenes, wonderful music, and magnificent landscapes and costumes. Could not find a good trailer, but this clip was one I found that has some scenes and has a Kate Bush song as background music. Enjoy!!

The Seventh Seal

The Seventh Seal is a film that takes one back to the time of the crusades and, "The Plague!" The film was directed in 1957 by the late, Ingmar Bergman (Sweden). The movie stars Max Von Sydow as a young knight back from the Crusades and is constantly followed by Death, who wants plays a long game of chess for the life of the knight!! The rest of the story focus' on those who are are around the knight or whom he bumps into (His page, a traveling acting troupe, and so on; telling a story of how people felt about the death and chaos around them from all areas (knights, religious fanatics, those out to steal form rich or poor or dead)!! It is a great head trip of a movie,and will make you think about that which awaits all of us!!


Watching film known as,"RAN", by the late Akira Kurosawa! Excellent story of a family divided. Starts off with a father who is Lord of large area of land and people. He is aging and decides to step down from his position and give the rulership to one of his three sons who are not happy about the decision of awarding it to the oldest son. Eventually, the sons become divided and end up as enemies. The costumes, scenary, and overall cinematic quality of, "RAN", surpasses the movies of today! No one could bring such grace and eligance from such violent and crafty consequences as Kurosawa. He was an artist with the camera as his brush and the set as his canvas! Check out this film and the many others by Akira Kurosawa!

The Drunken Master

So right now, I am watching one of Jackie Chan's best movies from his young days, "The Drunken master"!! Jackie plays the son of a famous Kung-Fu practitioner who teachers many of the local men, including his son. But, Jackie loves to get in trouble, alwaqys getting in fights or flirting with the ladies! LOL! After he ends up beating up a rival's son, Jackie's dad sends him to his Uncle, Sam the Seed, the drunken master himself!! Side story: Thunderfoot, a Kung-Fu killer for hire has Jackie's dad on his list, yet, ends up fighting Jackie as well. Lots of awesome fight and training sequences to enjoy, plus the hijinks of Sam the Seed!! Check it out!!!

The Masked Avengers

I am a big fan of the old school martial arts movies of the 70s-80s. My favorite group of actors were known as, "The Venoms". Many people know them from their most famous movie, "The Five Deadly Venoms". They have stared in many other films, including one called, "The Masked Avengers".

In this film, a group of men are in search of a group of killers that wear masks. The Leader of the good guys is played by Chiang Sheng who was the last pupil and younger brother to the five venoms in the first mentioned movie. The other main brother of this group was played by Chin Siu-Ho who was a later addition to the venom troupe. The hero, although a villian originally in this film as well, was played by Kuo Chui (Lizard in 5 deadly Venoms). He was one of the Masked killers, but, eventually, decided to leave due to excessive and uncalled for violence of the other two killers. He was befriended by Chin Siu-Ho, but disliked and untrusted by the rest of the group.

The remaining killers were played by Lu Feng (Centipede in 5 deadly Venoms) and by a later venom called Wang Li. The killers specialty was use of the gold trident, while their subordinates used silver tridents. These killers were mercinaries for hire and stopped at nothing to fullfill their promise to kill everyone they were asked to kill. This included members of Chiang's group, leading to their search for them.

It is a really excellent movie filled with fast and precise fighting sequences, as the Venoms were known for due to their Peking Oprea house training. The movie came out in 1981 and is one of my favorites which i am watching as I write this. Check it out if you enjoy great martial arts cinema!!


There is too much to say about the movie DUNE, so i will give a brief synopsis. There story goes, there is a supreme being who is talked about through folk legend. One who can travel to many places without moving.In this future world, there is an Emperor of the whole universe who, with some of the other planets, has control of a mind/body evolving drug called,"spice". There are 3 planets involved in the story that are focused on. Each one with a people that each have their own agenda. The main planet in question is DUNE (Arrackis). This is where the spice is mined and is the main reason for the soon to be uprising on there by its hidden people, the Fremen. I will not go into too many details, because it is a must see to get the true taste of it, although, the book is of course more detailed in all aspects. This movie, taken from the book, delves deep into religious connotations, mainly, Christian and Muslim. Really, go see this movie. And make sure you see the 1984 version!!!!

Vampires Suck!

Well, thanks to my girlfriend, I actually watched all the Twilight movies, hahahaha! I actually like some of the concepts of group dynamics and tradition focused on in the movie, for all the youngins, its all about Jacob and Edward,lol! Vampires Suck is a spoof on the series and is pretty funny, especially playing on the whole Edward versus Jacob battle with the young girls. And like many of the spoofs that have come out like, Scary movie, it does a good job making fun of the original movies it is making fun of. Going to watch it now with my daughter!! Favorite part from my daughter for you to check out is, when the girl hits other girl in face with shovel,hahahaha! Peace!!


The Godfather

"I'll make him an offer he can't refuse." With those words, a classic movie was ingraved into the hearts of many. The Godfather talks about Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando), the head of the Corleone Crime Family, and life being in charge and taking care of those around him, especially against rival families.

The story starts off at the wedding of Corleone's daughter Connie (Talie Shire). As the guests party their hearts out, Vito sits in his office listening to the demands of those who need his services. Also at the wedding, we are introduced to the other main characters such as his sons, Santino (Sonny, James Cahn), Tom Hagen (Robert Duvall), Fredo (John Cazale), and Michael (Alan Pacino), and Michael's future wife Kay (Diane Keaton).

As the story progresses, the Corleones face rivial families looking to grab the power and influence that the Son has. This causes hardship within the Corleone family, leading to murder against the rivals, and the flight to Sicily of the youngest son, Michael. Eventually, Michael returns to takeover the family and goes after the enemy with extreme prejudice!

If you are looking for a movie that has memorable characters, great movie lines, and realistic background, "The Godfather," will not disappoint. The struggle of family life is inevitable. However, this family goes above and beyond the parameters of "normal" life. And know, nothing is ever personal, it is only business, ;)!