The World We Know

Lobotomy sandwich
served hot and gray
as the fruit is named.

Slowly sliced,
several ways,
transversely laid upon
my hands.

Captured is to broken,
the steel penetrates
the spoken words.

Burned beyond times
of vast conquest.
Live for the day,
tomorrow goes away,
again to stay, in
recognition of
dead slaves.

We stay strong, and
survive the pain,
as long as the day
ends another way.

Split, broken in two,
again everyday, but
forgive the preacher
for false promises
upon ripped ears.

The tears, they flow
like a river, so stay
off the path and fall
into obsequious selfish gains.

The land ago, slain
children never to grow,
because the future
would be taken away.

From those who choose
to ruin development,
leading to gain, but
not gain for themselves.

So now to die,
and cry and cry
for this land is same,
disguised as the freedom
of today!!

The Running of the Bullshit

Crazy implements of doom,
storm by the castle.
Licking feces from
rotting vampires,
impaled by Vlad,
because an impostor
should not live.

The one and only,
listening to the
cries of children,
wild in the heart
of the forest.

The lost wander
amongst the treetops,
in fear of being
taken to the gallows,
the beginning of the end.

Sad to look at
unforgiving slobs,
in control of so many.
And live high off the
hog-fat, blown away
in silence.

Raise the cap off
syringes, to shoot
liquid gold into
vast tunnels of
oxygen containers.

The holders die and
are reborn, like
phoenix flames
burning life a new.

The vessel factory
purifies simpleton
logic across a wet
dream, making wet
in my pants pocket
pool chamber.

Right in the hole
in one, the cue
taken from the right.

The stage is set
for all the players
to profess their cryptic
fantasies of lost
characters in plays
of death.

The blood, it pours into
unfinished pools, right
before the lords hit
it for cool tricks; the
children cast down on
the land of the Sun.

Hold it!
What sweet llama
lets me ride its
back, and spits
the crud in assholes
opened for points given.

The shit pops out
and winks to the bowl,
before it swims inside
a whirlpool of
lost emptiness.